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Where have all the words gone?


It was as though we all got together in the blogging world and decided to quit writing at the same time. I look back to my original blog site on blogger.com and almost all of the links to other blogs I loved following have been arrested in time or have disappeared altogether. At the time, I didn’t know that the internet was taking a collective sigh and pause; I thought it was just me.

My blog has gone silent too with exception of the occasional book review.

Where have all the blogs gone? Where have the words gone?

I can only answer for myself but I woke up one day and found myself not being able to express all that was going on in my head. It’s not that the words left me. Trust me, my brain was swirling with them (still is), yet, I couldn’t hold onto them long enough to get them from my head to the screen. Sometimes, I didn’t have the time to process them and corral them into some sort of coherent order to present anything other than verbal vomit. Apparently, I got brain-tied. My tongue still wagged (perhaps more than it ought to have) but my brain… it needed alone time, maybe an occasional time out in the corner for good measure too.

My brain needed to keep some words sacred. My brain needed to purge some words and convert some words to prayer.

My brain realized that some words were signs of wounds, crying out for healing and some words needed to heal another in the private moments.

I wouldn’t say I’ve lost my words but I definitely felt, at times, tired of hearing my own words. Sometimes, I’ve felt just plain tired.

I’ve had a lot of time lately to think and reflect on where my words have gone. This is how I discovered that they weren’t lost or elusive so much as they were restrained and even bottle necked to come rushing out (which usually doesn’t produce the kind of words that would bring encouragement, love, challenge and glory to God).

I’ve thought about how Jesus was the Word and dwelt among us. I’ve been thinking on how Jesus brought healing, peace, hope and love in mighty and powerful ways – in His touch. In His words.

I’ve been thinking about God speaking the creation of everything into existence. With words.

Here’s what I know…

I love words. I’m still paying off student loans that gave me a degree that studied words strung together to create beautiful stories, beautiful images and thought-provoking content.

I love using my words and wish to begin once again, even if it’s clunky and awkward and not as fluid as it once was.

I want to connect with words with others here at this little corner of the web and in other spaces for the purpose of encouraging and spurring one another on to good deeds in Him.

I’m going to try to fumble my way through my words until I’ve found my groove again, if only to help my brain process all that has been bottled up and gotten stuck.

Let’s see if I can put one word in front of another to find my way back to a place where blogging was a joy for me; where writing was cathartic and freeing and the words I needed to tell myself more than for anyone else to read was put here so that I could retrace my journey… so I could re-learn lessons… and so that I could become unstuck and purposeful. Let’s see if I can write my way back to life.


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