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Taking stock…

It’s been sooo long since I’ve done a Daybook post but I’m going to jump in and do one, clunky and all. There are several versions of an online daybook out there and I’ve mashed up a few prompts that make my heart sing, think and take stock. Here we go!

Looking out my window… I see fluffy clouds that make me happy.

Outside my front door is the 4th or 5th dove family (maybe the same one) this Spring and Summer to have laid eggs there. We have quite the dove maternity ward going on over here with 4 nests with families developing in them, on a rotational basis, throughout the Spring and Summer. I speak sweetly to them (yep, I’ve turned into THAT woman!) and encourage them as they wait patiently and protectively over their babies. When the babies hatch, I cheer them on through their fledgling stage which they use our backyard for a chance to practice using their wings. Such fun to watch the whole process!

I’m thinking… on lots of things. Developing good health. Creating a wellness plan. Thoughts that I need to take captive. Things I should really let go and even, as painful as it is, people that I must let go. This one is always hard and I struggle with the tension between loving our enemies and shaking the dust off my feet on those who won’t forgive, won’t reconcile, won’t change hurtful behavior and continue patterns of hurtful actions despite having difficult conversations pointing it out and asking for it to stop.

I am thankful… for the love and forgiveness of my family and for supportive and loving friends that encourage and lift up, in word and deed. Super thankful!

One of my favorite things… is book stacks. This is where I get nosy and can’t resist the urge, no matter where I’m at, to find a way to peruse the book stacks…because BOOKS! Pure curiosity drives me to scan the titles of any books that I find into stacks! You never know.. I may find the next book I want to read in there!

Clothing myself in… observation and investigation in this season in my life as I look to those things that contribute to well-being as well as those things that detract from it. I’m observing some heart attitudes that I want to uproot too. I appreciate still seasons to allow me extra time to observe and really see…

I am reading… I quit a book 25% of the way in this week which is huge for me. But wait! I quit another book only a few pages in because the translation from an Eastern European language to English was aggravating. I’m pretty sure that is the first time in my life I’ve given up on two books in one week. I’m usually a white-knuckle-finish-to-the-end reader and have never given myself permission to give up on a book I didn’t like in the past. Well, except for “The Heart of Darkness”…I gave myself permission to quit that book all 3 times it was assigned to me (yet, could still write “A” papers on the themes and symbolism in that dang book!).

Anyway, I’m currently reading and really enjoying the book, “Pope Joan” by Donna Woolfolk Cross*

It definitely makes me want to investigate further to separate the fact from fiction since this is technically a novel. So good, so far, though.

On audiobook, I’m in the middle of “Jackaby”by William Ritter*

One reviewer claimed this was “Sherlock Holmes meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and while I haven’t arrived at the parts that resemble Buffy (yet), I do see nods to Sherlock and am enjoying this story so far. It is Young Adult and am investigating it in the hopes it will capture the attention or ears of my non-reader.

My women’s leadership team and I are working our way through this wonderful book, “An Unhurried Life” by Alan Fadling* (highly recommend for anyone but especially anyone in ministry -volunteer or paid). SO GOOD!

I’m learning… so much more in my quiet time by using the Verse Mapping method. I’ll have to post more in an upcoming post but it is awesome so far! I now have the problem of knowing when to stop for the day so that my other responsibilities are completed! Good problem, though! I really am enjoying this process. Here’s a link to the type of Verse Mapping I’ve been doing –

I’m hoping… to use Saturday to get going on lesson plans for our upcoming school year! Eek! I’ve basked in the luxurious days of non-schedule and loved every minute of it but now… now, I need to pull out the curriculum purchased and familiarize myself with it, what I need to teach and create a plan!

I’m also hoping to get Josh’s schedule fleshed out since his classes at the junior college begin August 22 but our homeschool will not start until after Labor Day. So, I’m hoping to get all of our ducks in a row for a staggered start schedule.

I’m listening to… All Sons and Daughters Live album and it is so peace-filled and praise-filled. Does my heart good to say the words of praise in the mundane, daily life around here.

Learning lessons in… being at rest in the calm within the storm, for He is there. What more do I need? Yet, I step out of that center and get blown around and fear creeps in. Learning to be still and stay put right where He is.

Planning for next week… I’ve got a birthday next week that I’m excitedly looking forward to. Not because we have big plans but because we don’t! I just get to spend time with my family and do our own thing, at our own pace and that makes me happy.

I’ve got lesson plans to prepare and curriculum to become acquainted with so my guess is that will take up most of my week. Toward the end of the week, GLS (Global Leadership Summit) will be happening and I’m so excited for that! It is a great conference and one I always walk away feeling encouraged to carry on as I process ALL the thoughts and ideas presented over the two days.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with a dear friend that I haven’t hung out with – one on one – in a long time. It’s way overdue and I’m pretty excited about that!
In between all of this, I’ll find pockets of time where I can read and rest, hang out with my family, and just be.

*these links are affiliate links. Should you use them to make a purchase, they provide few cents back to me for the recommendation. Funny thing, though, is I don’t recommend them for this reason – these books stand on their own merit (based on how far I’ve read thus far in each) – but I must disclose the affiliate links per FTC codes.

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