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Book Review: The Fog by Kyo Maclear

With calming illustrations, The Fog introduces us to a Warbler named Warble.  He loves to human watch until a fog rolled in and affects his hobbies, habits, and life.  Warble is observant and concerned about this fog but no one else seems to be until he meets a human, #675 Red-headed spectacled female (juvenile), and together they try to bring attention to the fog problem.  Nice environmental commentary about being observant and aware and even proactive. When Warble and red hooded spectacled juvenile launch a global campaign by way of paper origami boat messages, we see the power of coming together to preserve the environment that we love and share. I would have loved to have a better explanation on where the fog came from (or is it smog?) and a better solution on how to resolve the fog beyond recognizing its presence alone. I wouldn’t want a child to think naturally occurring fog is bad in and of itself since it is caused by a temperature difference between the ground and air.  These were the thoughts left in my adult brain but for a child,  the story is simple and beautifully illustrated in bringing the point home of being observant of environmental changes around you and working together with fellow beings to keep our environment clean and beautiful, so far as it is up to us.

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