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Book Review: I Don’t Get You by Sherry Graf

I was given the opportunity to review the book “I Don’t Get You” by Sherry Graf this past Spring. This was a timely book for my life personally as I help my teen sons navigate the world of opposite sex conversations.

“I Don’t Get You” is more than just another book on having conversations with the opposite sex. What this book offers is a unique perspective on the emotional ties that can be formed, even unintentionally, by our topics of conversation with the other gender. Through five categories of conversation, Graf offers guidelines and input on maintaining integrity and not crossing the invisible barriers of emotional intimacy that so often happens when discussing personal matters with the opposite sex. Graf offers up a great perspective for teens, young adults and, I’d say, any adult that wasn’t taught this in their youth. Sherry Graf gives practical input on guarding our hearts through conversation. Too often, youth are warned about the dangers of physical intimacy but are never taught about the dangers of emotional intimacy and how our intentions and topic of conversations can be misconstrued for feelings and an intimacy. I believe this short book is pivotal and so important. It is no wonder that most affairs, particularly in the office, begin with the very principles laid out in this book being broken since most affairs begin as “emotional” ones before crossing over into a physical one.

If you have a teen, you need them to read this book! If you don’t have a teen but never learned where the line should be drawn in topics of conversation with the opposite sex, you need this book too! I highly recommend it!

* I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review of my own, without influence or expectation, from Tyndale House Publishing.

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