Book Review: Argyle Fox by Marie LeTourneau

** I received a free digital copy of this book for an honest, independent review from NetGalley. My opinion and thoughts are strictly my own. **

Argyle Fox desperately wants to play outside but the wind keeps interrupting his imaginative play! With gentle, happy illustrations, we see Argyle grow frustrated but then be encouraged by his mother to come up with an idea that would allow him to play outside without the wind affecting his time.   This is great read-aloud material! Not only are the illustrations detail-oriented and peaceful, there are plenty of opportunities to make the book interactive through sounds and actions! I really love that Argyle’s mom didn’t swoop in and “fix” Argyle’s frustration by providing solutions for him.  In a calm way, she simply encouraged him to think of alternatives. She didn’t become his entertainment; she didn’t do the thinking for him to where a dangerous habit could be formed where Argyle would look to his mother to come up with a solution to any problem he faced.. she simply encouraged him to think for himself!  After lots of thinking, Argyle decided he could make a kite which would allow him outside play and the wind wouldn’t get in the way! At the end, Argyle includes his friends by setting up a kite stand, giving away FREE kits to his friends.  Great, great story with lots of teachable moments to point out to children.

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