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Book Review: Abigale Hall by Lauren Forry

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Ok, ok… I chose this book first for the cover and, secondly, for the book description.  I think the cover draws me in for reasons I can’t fully explain. There it is.. full disclosure. 🙂

Supposedly, this is YA literature but if it is, I didn’t know it. I was attracted to the mystery of the story description.  Either way, this story is appealing to adults as well as youth, I believe.

I enjoyed this story and recommend it with a few caveats.  The story is about two sisters living in London after World War II. They live with their emotionally detached aunt because their parents are dead. The younger sister, Rebecca, is…odd and you sense this early on.  They are making ends meet when their aunt sells the girls to a house in Wales as hired help in order to pay off her own debts.  This is where the mystery picks up pace. Who are the mysterious people that they were sold to? What is the history behind Thornecroft, the house they are indentured servants at? So many questions!

The author, Lauren Forry, does a great job of capturing the mood and tone of Gothic literature. She holds her own with the likes of the great Gothic writers. Suspense and eeriness flow freely from each page. Perhaps I missed it but my biggest question was never answered – why the book was named after a hall within the home that wasn’t really a pivotal part of the book left me scratching my head a bit.

The caveat I have in recommending is small but worth noting. As the story speeds toward it’s ending, it does become a bit gruesome.  The ending left me a bit disappointed but it was realistic, in my opinion.

Overall, this was a good Gothic tale to curl up with a blanket and a cuppa something good and let Lauren Forry spin a well-told tale for you.

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