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Becoming small…

While I could work on becoming physically smaller since the past 5 years have brought considerable weight gain for me, I’m talking about a whole ‘nother realm here today.

This world can play some pretty trippy head games. Sadly, those head games have entered the church.

A ministry’s success isn’t based on numbers.

Success isn’t defined by big.

It’s often not visible at all.

Living out God’s grace requires relationships. And ministering to others… it requires connection. Sure, you can speak to a crowd of thousands. Jesus did. But it was the pouring into twelve lives that He built his church. In those twelve, the future of Jesus’ ministry was bestowed.

We are called to love the least but if we aren’t willing to meet with one… only seeing success in the masses – then we’re better off not serving at all.

If we think it’s a waste of time to seek out the rejected, society’s throwaways and even those that are unsavory to our cleaned up version of ourselves, then we best stay at home.

Because being a gift to someone, often doesn’t come in being big, but by making ourselves small.

Looking for ways to be small, to be intentional, to be connected… the pouring into another’s life. That is where we are called. Not in the big and shiny. Not in the visible, for all to see.

If we are truly seeking for God to be glorified, then we must make ourselves small. There’s no way around it.

Becoming small may look differently to each of us but it begins and ends with seeking glory for God. It’s not about us at all.

It’s not about size of a ministry.

It’s not about attention.

It’s not about us.

Becoming small isn’t my idea. It isn’t even a new idea. All credit must go to Jesus.

To have a ministry that meets the needs of one. To look into the eyes of one who is hurting and become a gift to them. To meet a tangible need of someone who could never possibly pay you back. That is becoming small.

For when our focus of big ministry becomes, well, too big… that one… who is hurting, lost, needing the grace of God – they become a nameless face in the crowd. That is not Jesus’ ministry. Therefore, it should not be ours.

He saw the prostitute at the well. Not with condemnation. Not with scorn. With tenderness and love. He really saw her. She wasn’t lost in the crowd to Him. He knew.

He saw the lame man. The blind man. He even saw the man struggling between material possessions and following Christ. He saw their hearts and their hurts. Something impossible to accomplish in the big.

We must become small.

Jesus, Son of God. God incarnate. Became small. Became human – a lowly form compared to the high position of the right hand of God He had always known.

Becoming small requires a lot less of us.

Less words.

Less talk.

Less emphasis on the big.

Becoming small is More.

More of Him.

More of grace.

More action.

Let us hold each other up to becoming small. Let us put off this twisted definition that has entered our churches and let us reclaim Jesus’ definition of ministry success. Let us become last and reach the least and the lost.

Won’t you join me in becoming small?

“Let us not love in word or tongue, but in truth and action.” – 1 John 3:18

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