5 things I learned in September

1) The passing of kidney stones hurts. A lot.
As in, the worst pain, hands down, I’ve ever experienced. I never want to go through THAT again! I found myself wishing, at one point, to be delivering a third child than passing that stone. Seriously.

2) I don’t like the epic musical, “My Fair Lady” anymore.
Before I get tomatoes thrown at me, hear me out. I used to LOVE this movie when I first watched in 25+ years ago. However, it’s been many, many years since I’ve watched it. We thought we’d introduce it to our teenage guys. I found myself appalled that I had ever enjoyed let alone recommended this movie to others. First, it is entirely way to long at a whopping 2 hours and 55 minutes. Several scenes and one or two songs could have easily been cut without much alteration to the story. Second, as one raising two boys, I was mortified at not only Professor Higgins’ elitist behavior toward Eliza (which is somewhat the point) but more so that he remained a stagnant character to the very end. Rex Harrison didn’t see the error of his ways even when confronted with how rude and chauvinist he could be toward others, particularly Eliza. Third, her attraction to him and his behavior left me disturbed. Overall, I found myself surprised that I had ever loved this movie as much as I did, although, I will admit some of the tunes are catchy! Either way, this movie is no longer one of my favorite classics.

3) Pacing myself is hard.
This year has been ROUGH, health-wise. Just when I think I’m over it, my body proves just how wrong I am. I’ve had several false starts this year as I claw my way out of the pit of rocky health. While my body is doing battle with auto-immunity, often my mind is still processing, planning and gearing up for when my body can catch up…and that can be no Bueno. My body and mind must work together, in a monitored, restrained pacing, in order for me to achieve solid health. Quieting the mind, my mind anyway, is not an easy task but one I’m attempting to learn how to do.

4) Audiobooks COUNT!
I’ll admit I’ve always held a dubious view of audiobooks, not really counting them as “reading” but new I went ahead and bit the bullet in building our audio library because I realized that I love books but can’t always be holding one up to my face to read. I can listen to a book while walking which motivates me to move because.. I love stories! I can listen to a book in the car because it calms me and…I love stories! I can listen to a book while cleaning (not as well as the other two because I’ve learned I like to think a lot while cleaning but still…) because, if it’s not clear by now, I really do love stories! I learned, though, that new research is actually showing that our brains recognize and respond to audiobooks as they do a tangible book! I no longer need to feel guilty or feel like I’m cheating when I listen to an audiobook!
Audiobooks aren’t cheating

5) I’ve re-discovered my love for the library.
I broke up with the Sacramento Library a few years ago. Frustrated and flustered over several irks, I figured it was far better to just purchase the books I wish to read, used, if possible, to be a good steward of our finances. As my reading has increased, I realized that some of the books I’ve read have not been worth even the used purchase price I paid, sadly. So, to supplement our budget, I’ve turned back to the public library and I think I’m in love! They are current with new release books, even Christian books, and if the greater Sacramento area doesn’t have the book I’m looking for, I can use the Link+ catalog to request it from the Bay Area and other cities throughout Northern California. The Link+ books arrive within a week or so and the library takes responsibility for returning them (of course, I’ve got to watch those fines as they are hefty!) Don’t get me started on the ease in which you can borrow an e-book which is through a partnership the library has with Amazon/Kindle! I’m in love, I tell you! One book that was discussed in another book I just finished was nowhere to be found, so I requested that the library purchase it! I was notified a couple of days later that they would be purchasing the book I requested and will be notified to get first dibs on it! LOVE, I tell you! My greatest issue now is timing my requests so I don’t get an onslaught of books coming at me all at once! If you haven’t tried your local library in awhile, get it a go! I’ve been very impressed!

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